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About Us

Ziba Lodge

Not just a destination; it's a promise of an experience that lingers in memory.

Ziba Lodge is a boutique type guest house located in the serene suburb of Koforidua called Daasebre Estates. It is a medium-sized guest house with various types of rooms and facilities to delight the customer.

It is especially suitable for clients who want a quiet relaxation on a weekend and those who want to have a quiet get together in a peaceful environment. It is about ten minutes drive from the business district of Koforidua and is easy to locate. The architecture at Ziba Lodge is a mix type but mainly minimalist and afrocentric emphasizing the use of naturally occurring materilas. This blends in very well with the diversity of floral landscaping.

Ziba Lodge is located just off the Daasebre Estates to Densuano road in Koforidua. It is located right behind the “African Bungalow” house, directly opposite the popular “Alex oo” fufu bar at Daasebre Estates.

Experience Ziba Lodge

Embrace Luxury, Experience Culture, and Create Lasting Memories

In the heart of Koforidua’s serene Daasebre Estates suburb, Ziba Lodge isn’t just a boutique hotel—it’s a harmonious mosaic of luxury, culture, and affordability, all artfully woven together to craft an experience that resonates deeply.